letterDear Friends and Families of Mary Queen of Peace Parish,

During this Christmas and New Year’s season our parish asks for your prayers and your faithfulness as we continue our parish capital campaign.  As we know, giving goes hand-and-hand with the Christmas season.  Now is no different.

Please consider at this moment in time making a gift donation to our ongoing campaign.

Mother Teresa once said, Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow has not yet come.  We have only today.  Let us begin.  Those “marching orders” match our enthusiasm for what we see on the horizon with our latest building plans.

Recently our parish received a generous 2015 gift ($150,000) to help us fund our Phase 1A: Site Improvements in the upcoming year (2016).  Raising our voices to heaven we say, Thanks be to God for this inexpressible gift! (2 Corinthians 9:15)

God does good things for those who love him (Romans 8:28).

To be clear, our total Phase 1A, 1B project cost for the “new church” property (South 27th Street) is $1,525,490.  Mary Queen of Peace Parish, through this latest gift, will begin immediately to start preliminary construction and engineering work.  Specifically, that means we will begin the process to receive construction bids from contractors in the Spring.  More importantly, though, this gift puts us into an action mode, showing all that actual movement is underway on the “new church” property.

These monies will target hardscaping (concrete & asphalt, storm sewer), landscaping (plant trees, limited irrigation, sod & seed); delivering electric power and burying power lines; paying for special inspections and construction testing; paying our architect; paying starting costs that include construction, mechanical, plumbing, electrical engineers; paying for site/civil/landscaping costs; contingency fees; and, funding city planning reviews and permit fees.

When the Phase 1A & Phase 1B projects are totally completed, Mary Queen of Peace will have in place a building consisting of a fellowship hall/worship hall with seating for approximately 100 people, a full-size commercial kitchen, men’s and women’s bathrooms, a partial parking lot, an alley way drive-through, and a landscaped property.

We look forward to keeping you informed as to our progress.

Going forward, we place our trust in our Blessed Virgin Mother.  Through her intercession the fruits of our labor will result in a beautiful worship facility, proclaiming the kingdom, the power, and the glory of her Son, Jesus Christ.

May God Continue to Bless You and Our Parish!
Mary Queen of Peace Parish Capital Campaign Leadership

What is This Campaign About?

This campaign is not about the building of a new church, or about raising money. It is about our vision to be the Catholic presence on the Southside of Billings. It’s about what Pope Francis has said many times: We as Catholics ought to be where the need is greatest. It’s about providing a place where young and old alike, people of all types, can come together to be nourished by the Word of God. It is a parish community fellowship that sends people out into the world to build up the Kingdom of God.

What is our New Church Vision?

As we look to the future we envision:

  • People of all ages and walks of life worshipping God with enthusiasm and being Alive in the Holy Spirit.
  • A first-class children’s program that attracts children from all over our city.
  • Youth coming together who are drawn to MQP because the parish nurtures their gifts.
  • Parents filling our pews at Masses while their children attend Liturgy of the Word services.
  • Providing a parish hall to celebrate special events and for our larger community gatherings.
  • Facilities available and accessible to everyone.
  • A parish church that is made up of sacred images and symbols from all three of our churches, reminding us of our Catholic traditions.

What is our Plan?

When completed, the parish will include a church that can seat approximately 225 people, offices, and a multi-purpose parish hall that will be an asset to our religious education program. We are in the dream stages right now of our plans but we have a good starting point to continue the dialogue with our parishioners and with our architects. The process is being led by our parish building commission, which is made up of members with specific expertise in design and construction skills. Parishioners are being encouraged to be part of this process. Most important, we are asking everyone to pray that this sacred space become an inspiration for those who call MQPP their spiritual home. We pray also parishioners are moved by a more inspiring worship experience to go out and build up God’s Kingdom on earth.

What is the Total Cost of Building a Permanent New Church?

The total cost of our new church, multi-purpose hall, and offices is around $4.5 million dollars. We are told that the value of our three present churches and adjacent buildings are worth approximately $2 million, leaving us with $2.5 million to raise. We plan to raise this amount over two to three consecutive capital campaigns. Parish leaders also plan to seek outside funding through the broader Catholic community. Through grants, foundational opportunities, and through an aggressive parish-planned giving program, we anticipate meeting our goal.

What are our Next Steps?

MQP plans to receive construction bids in early 2016 to begin Phase 1A, 1B of the project.

How much are we being asked to Contribute?

Each person or family is being asked to make an equal sacrifice —not an equal commitment. While there is no set amount, we suggest that each household prayerfully consider committing five percent of their total annual family income each year for the next three years of the campaign.

For those on limited or fixed incomes, we suggest that you prayerfully consider a five percent gift from household assets (e.g. investments, savings, real property, retirement funds, etc.) rather than from annual income.

This gift may be offered either in a lump-sum gift or spread over the next three years of the campaign.

May I give Stock, Bonds or Property instead of Cash?

Donating stocks, bonds, IRAs, or property is a preferred way to give for many. It is possible for you to have a substantial tax savings if you donate in this fashion. Please consult your tax advisor or accountant to determine the best way to make a donation and to take advantage of your tax savings. For more information contact Matthew Low in our church office.

Was MQP Assigned a Full-time Priest?

Yes! Bishop Warfel assigned Fr. Jose Marquez to Mary Queen of Peace Parish in July, 2014 and he is now our full-time pastor.

The Decision to Give…

For many of us, our participation in the Growing Our Faith Family Campaign will be the largest charitable gift of our lives. Please take the time to consider the following as you make your decision
about your pledge.

Parishioners are invited to invest in a vision that will have profound impact on the south side of Billings and this entire area of Montana.

Pray to discern what God is asking of you in this campaign. Mary Queen of Peace Parish needs each of us to make a sacrificial gift. We are all aware of the need to provide for our present parishioners, as well as the ones who will follow us. Every gift, regardless of the size, will be an important contribution to the campaign.

Discuss your family’s campaign commitment with all members of your family and pray what it will mean to all of you.

Remember in your prayers all who have served in this campaign. We also pray for those in the past who have contributed to building and maintaining our present spiritual homes.

What are the benefits for a person who participates in the Capital Campaign?

  • The campaign provides an opportunity to ask ourselves, “How does God want to use me and my resources to build up Christ’s church in Billings, MT?”
  • Participation in the campaign gives the person an opportunity to be part of a total church effort, increasing his/her connection to the faith family.
  • Participants will feel a great sense of accomplishment when we begin to see the fruits of our efforts when we gather in the new parish church and are able to praise God in one location.

To Show Our Appreciation for Your Donation

Knowing that your contributions is a very important step in fulfilling God’s vision and securing the future of MQP, the parish would like to recognize all parishioners who fulfill their commitment on a permanent display. This display will show our donor names in an attractive artistic way and will be situated in a prominent location within the new facilities. Donors may request their contributions remain anonymous.

Mary Queen of Peace Parish Capital Campaign Prayer

Pages from Mary-PrayerCardFather, Jesus, Holy Spirit-we wish to acknowledge your presence and unity.
We the parishioners of Mary Queen of Peace Parish humbly petition you.
We ask for the direction, protection, and healing grace of Our Lady, the Mother of God and St. Joseph, the carpenter.
Move us forward in planning and building our new church community.
We do so knowing it is a challenging undertaking.
We take comfort, however, in discerning that it is for your greater glory and the proclamation of your kingdom.
Lead us in your mission and protect us from evil.
Empower and guide us.
Make us a community on fire in your love, working to grow in your likeness every day.
The Memorare Remember, O gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, I fly to you, O Virgin of virgins, my mother.
To you I come; Before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful.
O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
Despise not my petitions, but in your mercy, hear and answer me.